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The Image You Missed

Réalisé par Donal Foreman
Irlande, France, 2018


Dans cet essai cinématographique unique, Donal Foreman se sert d’archives jamais vues sur 30 ans, tissant subtilement une histoire des difficultés de l’Irlande du Nord. Il y mêle sa quête d’un père qu’il n’a quasiment pas connu, le cinéaste politique américano-irlandais Arthur MacCaig.

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The Image You Missed Réalisé par Donal Foreman
There is sorrow in this recognition, but—to the film’s immense credit—nothing like nostalgia. Instead, the film poses cinema itself as the instrument that, at once, links the dispersed members of a political movement, and serves as the thin thread that connects father to son, across time, and beyond death.
July 11, 2018
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Eschewing easy conclusions in favor of infinite critique, the politics of the film are found, even more so than in Foreman’s conflicted admiration for McCaig and the nationalist movement, in its very approach to image-making and historical memory—a devastating performance of the inseparability of the personal, the political, and the aesthetic.
June 08, 2018
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More than a mere homage, the film provides a meticulous and challenging comparison of two different ways of being a man, a citizen, and a filmmaker.
February 13, 2018
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  • dionysus67's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    A documentary-homage (to both a filmmaker and a major struggle), which contains extremely evocative imagery, yet it betrays its formal merits because it insists on the self-autobiographical dimensions. Thus, the film contains extraordinary newsreel videos/stills and the murals in the walls of Derry and elsewhere speak volumes. This is enhanced by the wiping out of memory through a hegemonic frame of reconciliation.

  • Katya Kazbek's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    An earnest portrait of a family. Donal seems to have a very evolved, wise approach to his relationship with his father which is too late to fix or redeem. He’s not interested in grievances, instead, he looks at the ways they are alike and different, and how the two existences informed each other while sustained in two parallel universes. And, of course, the way that the political situation shapes an artist or a human

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    A homage to Arthur MacCaig by his son, which manages to briefly introduce Arthur MacCaig himself and the history of the conflict in Northern Ireland. What I enjoyed most was the footage back from the 70's and 80's. It juggles back and forth between the two focal points, most of the time ending up caught in the middle. I guess it's too big of a topic for a 70 minute feature.

  • max sølv's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    'its not just that you and i see differently, we belong to different times. we came into the world [...] at different political moments. you began when certain things seemed possible, when armed struggle was an image you could believe in. i began in the wake of the failure of these movements. the failure of those images, with no clear way forward'.

  • lostlevel's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    A politically timely yet also timeless film despite being rooted in history. The passing trains and the portrait of his father through his work and in particular at the end sequence really got me. I wasn’t quite expecting this to be quite so good so props to whoever or whatever algorithm picked this film.

  • tubbssw's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    I didn't find the relationship of father and son that interesting but the archival film of the Troubles captured some of the happenings at the grassroots level and so made this film well worth it.

  • nica's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    The film ending with a shot of just Mr. Donal Foreman’s father hit me so perfectly — it was finally getting to see the man that has so influenced his films and his life. I am fascinated by this section of history as well, and more than anything else I now want to explore his father’s filmography.

  • Pinolo's rating of the film The Image You Missed

    A courageous film, reckoning with personal ghosts, as well as political issues. And personal and political overlap one another. Images confront images, sometimes fading in/out. It's all "between" two estranged persons, letters sent and received, a shot and a reverse-shot. And with all those images, even iconic ones, you feel that "real" images only lie in between

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