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The Jazz Baroness

Royaume-Uni, 2009


Contemporary filmmaker Hannah Rothschild tries to uncover the real story behind her great aunt’s sudden disappearance. In 1951 the beautiful married mother of five left home and went to New York in search of the man who wrote ’Round Midnight.

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The Jazz Baroness Réalisé par Hannah Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild

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  • El Biffo's rating of the film The Jazz Baroness

    Baroness Nica Rothschild and Be-bop legend Thelonious Monk had a beautiful relationship but she was also one of those nutty "cat ladies". I don't know how many cats she had but it was enough to be a financial drain, even on a Rothschild (food, medical, etc.). Monk "didn't dig the cats" and went insane. Who wouldn't with all those cats everywhere.

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