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The Magnificent Seven

Réalisé par Antoine Fuqua
États-Unis, 2016
Action, Western


Seven gunmen in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

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The Magnificent Seven Réalisé par Antoine Fuqua
As an example of classical Hollywood construction, The Magnificent Seven does the job. The casting is spot on, and with very little effort, Fuqua manages to create a set of rich characters with meaningful back stories.
September 15, 2016
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The new version is a real western, but it also can’t shake the feeling that everything here is pure dress-up fantasy—a kind of fantasy far beyond the western’s great tradition of the revenge fantasy fulfilled. There’s a fine line, as Sergio Leone once told me, between the operatic and the absurd, and this Seven runs roughshod over it.
September 09, 2016
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Fuqua, who directed Washington and Hawke to two of their best performances in Training Day, isn’t interested in a sustained attack on the tyranny of industry. He’s interested in turning out a stultifying barrage of action setpieces, which feature so many characters shooting at so many enemies from so many different directions that it’s impossible to tell who’s where and when at any given time. Or care.
September 09, 2016
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