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Match retour

Al doilea joc

Réalisé par Corneliu Porumboiu
Roumanie, 2014


Le réalisateur et son père regardent un match de football disputé en 1988 et que le père avait arbitré. Ils commentent en temps réel les images télé diffusées à l’époque. Un dispositif d’une simplicité trompeuse…

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Match retour Réalisé par Corneliu Porumboiu
Adrian repeatedly declares that soccer is only about the moment, and that there’s no use in watching an old match—no excitement, no surprises. For Corneliu, the absence of any obvious entertainment value in the material creates an opportunity to imagine something that might be hidden or nascent in the images. The past may be unchangeable, but its traces invite interpretation.
May 07, 2014
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In some respects, The Second Game makes a gamble similar to 12:08, which takes place entirely within the space of a televised local talk show. In both films, Porumboiu’s method is to take a cultural artifact of temporary value and see if, drained of its relevance, it can be made to let slip any accidental truths about its particular time and place…
April 09, 2014
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Offering a soccer match as a metaphor for a fallen system that transformed sports into nationalistic pageantry of pride and honor, while secretly rigging games—and, politics—behind its citizens’ backs, The Second Game turns an ordinary, nostalgic gesture into a self-reflexive time capsule.
April 09, 2014
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