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Le traître

Il traditore

Réalisé par Marco Bellocchio
Italie, France, 2019
Drame, Policier


Après les héros, le traître Buscetta. La vraie vie de Tommaso Buscetta, le “patron des deux mondes”, premier informateur de la mafia en Sicile dans les années 1980.

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Le traître Réalisé par Marco Bellocchio
The cycles of violence and revenge, cowardice and ruthlessness in the film’s exuberant opening feels like a mob-movie parody, but it is Bellocchio’s commentary on the genre’s stranger-than-fiction conventions, challenging the audience’s now-degraded responses.
January 31, 2020
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Without entirely denying his audience the pleasures of the gangster genre — or of his own brash, baroque, sensual cinematic style — Bellocchio strips away accumulated layers of romance and mystification, producing a vivid, complicated portrait that is also a political parable.
January 29, 2020
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More than anything else, and despite its focus on a small fry rather than a don, The Traitor suggests what Gotti might have looked like in assured—or maybe even just competent—hands.
January 28, 2020
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