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L'homme qui voulait savoir


Réalisé par George Sluizer
Pays-Bas, France, 1988
Policier, Drame, Horreur


Sur la route des vacances, Rex et Saskia s’arrêtent sur une aire d’autoroute. L’homme s’éloigne du véhicule pendant quelques minutes. A son retour, sa compagne a disparu. Fou de douleur, il renonce à sa vie professionnelle et sociale pour se consacrer exclusivement à la recherche de la disparue.

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L'homme qui voulait savoir Réalisé par George Sluizer
What’s so upsetting about Rex’s moment of awakening in the brilliantly filmed climax (which Denis Villeneuve ripped off in Prisoners, for the record) is not that it’s a surprise but that it feels so inevitable. In a nice mix of literal and figurative meaning, Rex’s plight is inescapable. He wanted closure, and he gets it — and so does the audience, whose own yearning is implicated in his fate.
September 05, 2018
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It’s wickedly smart: it demonstrates that if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a lot of knowledge can be fatal. In this excerpt from our interview with Sluizer, which you can watch on the Channel along with the film (and also on our release), he says he builds suspense by toying with what the characters know and don’t know as well as the playful use of objects and the skillful deployment of extras to keep us guessing about just what’s important—his own extension of Hitchcock’s legacy.
November 11, 2016
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Building suspense in a non-traditional way, the audience is handed all the evidence at face value and is challenged to interpret it while following along with the narrative. Cerebral rather than visceral, the film creeps under your skin and offers a unique and as of yet, unreplicated, cinematic experience in dread.
October 31, 2016
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