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Le dieu d'osier

The Wicker Man

Réalisé par Robin Hardy
Royaume-Uni, 1973
Drame, Horreur, Thriller


Sur une île de la Manche où d’ordinaire rien ne se passe, des disparitions d’enfants finissent par alerter la police. L’enquête met au jour des évènements étranges. La population semble se livrer à des cérémonies d’un autre âge.

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Le dieu d'osier Réalisé par Robin Hardy
It’s a masterclass in threatening coziness, in the ways that the ruddy, friendly faces of a rural town can creep you the hell out… take the ride, because it has a prime horror movie ending. And if that prime horror movie ending bums you out, you can always pick yourself up again by heading to YouTube and watching Nicolas Cage scream about the bees.
October 12, 2017
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With a kind of rhythmic energy, the film has a unique and disjointed cadence that inspires a troubling unease, especially as matched with the overcast but nonetheless visually sunny environments. Facing forgotten Celtic rituals revived during the hippie movement with the uptight Protestantism that came to dominate the UK over the centuries, the film marries two disparate ideologies that threaten reason and justice within contemporary society.
October 31, 2016
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The new scenes are in fact old, while the old scenes have been made to look new — and there is a compelling continuity to these hybridised materials no more difficult to synthesise than the vibrant character of Willow, composited from Britt Ekland’s upper body, Annie Ross’ voice and Jane Jackson’s gyrating backside.
September 26, 2013
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