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Notes et avis

  1. zoerose's rating of the film Tuesday From 8 to 6

    "You're not here to be human. You're here to be a monitor". When working among, with, and for human beings becomes an 8 to 6 work undertaking. When the sentiment and the craving for human relationships gets crushed by the "school business".

  2. saitosouta's rating of the film Tuesday From 8 to 6

    Cannes #2019 No.6: Freaking hard is to work between rambanctious pupils who stir your brain and bureaucratic administration who bother your heart. "Mardi de 8 a 18" captures how difficult and uncontrolable the contemporary school system is, while, in relatively short 26 minutes, dir. Arce describes the disquietude of adolscence very slapstickally. So that it feels a bit unfocused, still an impactful short film. 3.5