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White Ant

Bai yi

Réalisé par Chu Hsien-Che
Taïwan, 2016


Bai Yide est un jeune libraire célibataire éprouvant du plaisir sexuel à voler et à porter des sous-vêtements féminins. Un jour, il reçoit un DVD dans lequel son manège a été filmé et, par conséquent, devient de plus en plus nerveux.

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White Ant Réalisé par Chu Hsien-Che

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  • msmichel's rating of the film White Ant

    The undeniable need of the fetishist and the resulting shame and guilt are expertly captured in this feature from Chu Hsien-Che. A young woman captures on video a young man stealing lingerie and anonymously sends him a copy not realizing the lives that will be affected by her meddling. Exceptionally performed and scripted this Taiwanese film is well worth seeking out.

  • luís debonoir's rating of the film White Ant

    A powerful and fundamental portrait on mental illness, it's crippling consequences, and how the stigma and lack of empathy can lead to a dark isolated place. There are no guidelines, it's waiting for anyone, and that's a terrifying truth - the real epidemic of contemporary society. This film is raw, with superb acting, from the guts as cinema needs. For my part, one of the best things I've watched from recent years.

  • dotvom's rating of the film White Ant

    This stunning and strange film touches on the taboos of human sexuality and the shame that comes with it. The sparing use of dialogue and music creates its own weight for the viewer, allowing the film to have more impact in that way. It also focuses on the theme of guilt, which each character experiences in their own way.

  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film White Ant

    Harsh stuff about what it means to cope in society that doesn’t approve deviation from social norms, and about not thinking enough about the consequences of one’s action. There’s a lot of desperation, crying, disappointment, wishing in vain, but the story is told in beautiful, slow-paced shots, the quintessence of Asian art house cinema.

  • David R Williams's rating of the film White Ant

    A mixed bag of reviews and strangely enough I agree with both sides. White Ant falls short of being the indie classic it could have been due to what I call the "Psych 101" sequences that only exist to help us understand Bai Yide's "problem". This derails the film at about the halfway point and it struggles to get back. Still - a must see imo. Haunting final image.

  • mnpanetsos's rating of the film White Ant

    Aesthetically perfect, beautiful image games and an harmony on the whole result. Impacting how strong moments can be combined with such elegance. Sadly the second part, trying to provoke some questions and trying to focus on her (mother and girl), wasn't able to send a clear message, which in this movie, I think would be necessary.

  • Superfrog's rating of the film White Ant

    Want to give it more but, while the setup is interesting and impactful -- reminiscent of Kim ki-duk, the second half drags on without bringing so much. Probably should have stopped at the accident.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film White Ant

    2.5 Empathetic depiction of the son and his relationship with his mother. What was missing for me was the backstory of the girl who films him. We get no information to understand the girl's insistence on crucifying him (beyond mentions of an ex-boyfriend). So I began to worry about her parrot instead: it is pulling its feathers out and suffering from anxiety. It needs a new owner.