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  1. paris.gemini.pg's rating of the film Cold War

  2. patchwork's rating of the film Cold War

  3. Drew Kelly's rating of the film Cold War

    How to be true to oneself amidst political turmoil?; how to be true to oneself amidst sex and love?; how to be true to your art amidst rapidly emerging genres and preferences? And what does being true to all that actually constitute? I think Wiktor found at least one of those moments during his piano solo, truly embracing the spirit of expression and improvisation, as the band drops out he continues on. Seemed cold.

  4. FCC 86's rating of the film Cold War

    "Let's go to the other side, the view will be better there"

  5. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Cold War

    Una historia de amor complicada por las diferencias de carácter de sus protagonistas y el marco histórico y político que los envuelve. La fotografía en blanco y negro roza lo sublime, pero la película en sí no deja de ser algo fría y superficial...ese romance de Viktor y Zula no termina de consolidarse con fuerza en la pantalla.

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  7. Sin título.'s rating of the film Cold War

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  9. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Cold War

    It sometimes seems, at least from under my sturdy rock here, as if contemporary cinema, despite containing all kinds of great, interesting, wonderful permutations, is dominated by twin pillars of banality. On one pole we have superheroes, sequels, and gazillions of dollars; on the other, a stuffed shirt crammed to bursting with self-important artfulness and prestige. Captain Marvel vs. Cold War: Eternity Stream.

  10. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Cold War

    Tells the story of two lovers in the backdrop of a politically tumultuous time with a simplistic efficacy. The biggest killer of love: timing. Another great installment from Pawlikowski.

  11. FXNCXR's rating of the film Cold War

    Какой-то пост-куколдизм

  12. Dan. R's rating of the film Cold War

    Perfection. Stunning black and white cinematography. Set in a time when men were men and women were women. Heart-achingly beautiful soundtrack. Impeccable performances by all the characters. What more do you need to know?

  13. Tijuana Picnic's rating of the film Cold War

  14. thelastronaut's rating of the film Cold War

    "In Poland, you were a man. You're different now." And that quote followed a positively electric scene that perfectly encapsulates, in just a couple of minutes, what it must have been like to experience rock and roll as something brand new. Shifting times, borders, and feelings. A nice, little movie whose story and love I enjoyed. Good use of black and white too.

  15. Merih Sakarya's rating of the film Cold War

    The transformation of the music and lives of main characters is breathtaking. Amazing photos and a beautiful story. The language of director is sharp. When the material, process and the artist transformation unit, then you have a great outcome. Live long Pawlikowski:) Now I expect more from you and you are listed.

  16. Sofia Fernandes's rating of the film Cold War

    as raízes dançam turbulento expressivo

  17. żaneta36's rating of the film Cold War

    I can't understand the applause for this film. It's by far the worst of the 3 Pawlikowski's I've seen and it's yet another love story (surprise, surprise...) set in a context of Polish history, which, this time is less romanticised (than in 'Ida') and just plainly orientalised. And how come Kulig is supposed to resemble Bacall is beyond me

  18. Beatriz Menezes Castro's rating of the film Cold War

  19. deepbluemachine's rating of the film Cold War

  20. cogncierge's rating of the film Cold War

    Polish monochromatic version of "La La Land" in 1940s. Ironically, also lost an Oscar to a much weaker picture.

  21. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Cold War

    A fragmented love story. Perhaps too fragmented. An interesting way to carry a storyline forward but the attachment to the characters is almost nonexistent, so it’s hard to feel invested by the end. An ending which is clearly meant to have some power behind it but came off as actually quite funny to me. Anyway, the musicality of it all was beautiful and moving. I suppose the main purpose of the film is that.

  22. zitronegeschichte's rating of the film Cold War

    visually stunning, great music and acting but lacking the humane aspect in the love story, instead kunderisms & nihilisms

  23. misu's rating of the film Cold War

  24. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film Cold War

    Si los miembros de La Academia realmente se preocupasen por premiar lo mejor del cine, hoy estaríamos alabando a COLD WAR por ser la mejor película del Oscar 2019. Demoledora historia de amor y homenaje a la música, en la que el director Paweł Pawlikovski y su fotografo Lukasz Zal confirman las virtudes mostradas en su anterior IDA (2013) y su estatura como dos grandes personalidades del cine polaco reciente a seguir

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