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Quote of the day

Daniel Kasman
"Godard never puts to the statements that he receives the question of their origin, their condition of possibility, the place from which they derive their legitimacy, the desire which they at once betray and conceal. His approach is the most anti-archeological there is. It consists of taking note of what is said (to which one can add nothing) and then looking immediately for the other statement, the other image which would counterbalance this statement, this sound, this image. 'Godard,' then, would simply be the empty place, the blank screen where images, sounds come to coexist, to neutralize, recognize and designate one another: in short, to struggle. More than 'who is right? who is wrong?,' the real question is 'what can we oppose to this?' The devil's advocate... "
- Serge Daney, The T(h)errorized (Godardian Pedagogy) ,translated by Bill Krohn and Charles Cameron Ball. The whole article can be found here.


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