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The Unusual Subjects

Programmes spéciaux

Have you ever wondered about the diverse reaches (and implications) of dust? Wanted to know the history of a Coney Island roller coaster? What about what it’s like to work on a globe-trotting cargo trip? Or what it takes to compose some of the world’s most adventurous electronic music? Welcome to The Unusual Subjects, a new series of eclectic documentaries plunging into topics few venture to explore.

Portrait of a Garden

Rosie Stapel Pays-Bas, 2015

A expiré il y a 5 jours

In a picturesque garden on a country estate, two old friends, an 85 year-old pruning master and the gardener, tend to the espaliers. Surrounded by vegetable patches, citrus trees, the orchard and lush grapevines, they talk about food, the weather, their craft and the changing world around them.

Zipper: Coney Island's Last Wild Ride

Amy Nicholson États-Unis, 2012

A expiré il y a 11 jours

Next in our documentary series The Unusual Subjects, a Coney Island roller coaster! The Zipper takes on a symbolic role in this ground-level portrait of a changing neighborhood, as the iconic and once-glorious Brooklyn amusement park tries to finds its place in a gentrifying and changing New York.

15 Corners of the World

Zuzanna Solakiewicz Pologne, 2014

A expiré il y a 18 jours

À l’aide d’images d’archives et contemporaines, ce profil documentaire d’Eugeniusz Rudnik, compositeur de musique électronique à l’ère de ses débuts, tente une approche unique afin de permettre au spectateur de voir les sonorités innovatrices de son sujet. Prix de la Semaine de la critique à Locarno

The Forgotten Space

Allan Sekula, Noël Burch États-Unis, 2010

A expiré il y a 25 jours

The Forgotten Space is an immersive journey into capitalism and the varying forms of its oceanic transport and displacement. Read our review of the film and its many complexities at the Notebook.


Hartmut Bitomsky Allemagne, 2007

A expiré il y a 33 jours

Ever wondered about the diverse facets of dust? Or the history of a Coney Island roller coaster? What about what it’s like to work on a global cargo trip? We’re starting The Unusual Subjects, a new doc series with surprising topics—beginning with a wry film essay on one of the tiniest of topics.

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