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Sundance Film Festival

  1. Ask Dr. Ruth

    Ask Dr. Ruth

  2. Top End Wedding

    Top End Wedding

  3. The Tomorrow Man

    The Tomorrow Man

  4. Relive


  5. Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light

  6. Memory: The Origins of Alien

    Memory: The Origins of Alien

  7. Greener Grass

    Greener Grass

  8. Sister Aimee

    Sister Aimee

  9. Selah and The Spades

    Selah and The Spades

  10. Premature


  11. Light From Light

    Light From Light

  12. Give Me Liberty

    Give Me Liberty

  13. The Magic Life of V

    The Magic Life of V

  14. Shooting the Mafia

    Shooting the Mafia

  15. Sea of Shadows
    Audience Award (World Cinema Documentary Competition)

    Sea of Shadows

  16. Gaza


  17. Advocate


  18. The Sharks
    Directing Award (World Cinema Dramatic Competition)

    The Sharks

  19. The Last Tree

    The Last Tree

  20. Where's My Roy Cohn?

    Where's My Roy Cohn?

  21. The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

    The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

  22. Tigerland


  23. Pahokee


  24. Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

    Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

  25. Mike Wallace Is Here

    Mike Wallace Is Here

  26. Jawline
    Special Jury Award for an Emerging Filmmaker (U.S. Documentary Competition)


  27. David Crosby: Remember My Name

    David Crosby: Remember My Name

  28. Bedlam


  29. American Factory
    Directing Award (U.S. Documentary Competition)

    American Factory

  30. Always in Season
    Special Jury Award for Moral Urgency (U.S. Documentary Competition)

    Always in Season

  31. Hala


  32. Clemency
    Grand Jury Prize (U.S. Dramatic Competition)


  33. Brittany Runs a Marathon
    Audience Award (U.S. Dramatic Competition)

    Brittany Runs a Marathon

  34. Big Time Adolescence

    Big Time Adolescence

  35. Before You Know It

    Before You Know It

  36. Dolce Fine Giornata
    Special Jury Award for Acting (World Cinema Dramatic Competition)

    Dolce Fine Giornata