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18 रेटिंग्स


निर्देशक Giuseppe Gagliardi, Gianluca Iodice
इटली, 2015
नाटक, टीवी मिनी सिरीज़


In 1992 the first arrest within the so-called Mani Pulite maxi-investigation was executed in Italy. 1992 revolves around six ordinary people whose lives are intertwined with the political, civil and social earthquake.

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1992 निर्देशक Giuseppe Gagliardi, Gianluca Iodice

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  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film 1992

    It get a bit soapy at times, but the machinations of corruption are fascinating to follow. Miriam Leone becomes an annoying distraction to fast forward through, but the show is mostly about guys anyway. There were hints about the rise of Berlusconi. Domenico Diele does an excellent job as a prosecutor. He just doesn't give up.

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