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As You Are

निर्देशक Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
संयुक्त राज्य अमरीका, 2016


Set in the early 1990s, As You Are unfolds as a series of disparate memories. Prompted by a police investigation, we witness alternating perspectives of pivotal moments in the relationship between three teenage friends: Jack, Mark, and Sarah.

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As You Are निर्देशक Miles Joris-Peyrafitte
Joris-Peyrafitte has learned, no doubt from Reichardt, the moody potential of landscape: a camera panning slowly around a modest home or through the treetops, accompanied by a minimalist score (written by the director with Patrick Higgins), takes intimate measure of the sadness and fleeting happiness within. The movie is saved, sometimes just barely, from the maudlin by the moments of joy when these kids get busy reinventing themselves.
February 23, 2017
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
Much of the movie, from its attempts to capture the confusing exhilaration of youthful experience to its predictable progressive character dynamics, is labored. And the lifting of motifs and imagery from Fassbinder and Bresson can’t help but come off as academic. Mr. Joris-Peyrafitte clearly has a way with actors, though, and perhaps this will yield more palatable results in the future.
February 23, 2017
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
The outline of Miles Joris-Peyrafitte’s As You Are is certainly well-worn, but this coming-of-age film nonetheless stands out for its nuanced sense of detail and the sympathy it extends to its main characters. Throughout, Joris-Peyrafitte gives careful and specific articulation to how seemingly minor changes in one’s surroundings, and the relationships one chooses to invest in, can become major turning points in a vulnerable, adolescent life.
February 23, 2017
पूरा लेख पढ़ें

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