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Heinz Emigholz's Streetscapes
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Bickels [Socialism]

निर्देशक Heinz Emigholz
जर्मनी, इजराएल, 2016
  • अंग्रेज़ी
  • इटालियन, जर्मन, डच, पोर्तुगीज, फ्रेंच, स्पेनिश
Heinz Emigholz's Streetscapes


A tour of 23 buildings located in Israel designed by Kibbutz architect Samuel Bickels. The majority of public spaces are directed towards the needs of different kibuttzim, constructed between 1942 and 1973, representing the ideas of the socialist communities of the time.

हमारा अभिप्राय

The second of Heinz Emigholz’s unique documentary film series “Streetscapes”—an intersection with the director’s famed architecture studies—is a provocative juxtaposition of buildings that were designed in Israel’s past for grand social and political goals and now shown in their present state.

Bickels [Socialism] निर्देशक Heinz Emigholz

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