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Casino Royale

निर्देशक Martin Campbell
यूनाइटेड किंगडम, ज़ेक रिपब्लिक, 2006
लड़ाई, थ्रिलर, साहसिक


After earning his license to kill, James Bond’s first 007 mission takes him to Madagascar where he must partake in a high-stakes poker game against Le Chiffre, banker to the world’s terrorist organizations. Along the way, Bond falls in love with the sexy Vesper Lynd.

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Casino Royale निर्देशक Martin Campbell

पुरस्कार और समारोह

BAFTA Awards

2007 | विजेता: Best Sound

2007 | 6 nominations including: Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

2007 | Nominee: Best European Director

Edgar Allan Poe Awards

2007 | Nominee: Best Motion Picture Screen Play

Irish Film and Television Awards

2007 | 3 nominations including: Best International Actor

समीक्षक के रिव्यू

Ten years on, the film doesn’t just hold up as the best Bond movie since the 1960s, but it also looks more and more like the starting point for a series of subsequent and increasingly disappointing missed opportunities. In short, its follow-ups have been unworthy.
July 13, 2016
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale proves one of the series’s unequivocal highlights. Taking elements from previous Bonds (Connery’s stature, Moore’s martini-dry wit, Lazenby’s emotion rawness, Dalton’s free-agent grittiness), Craig brings Bond into the present movement, not so much a text as a meta-text, commenting at once on the thrills and hang-ups of the franchise.
October 05, 2012
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
Doing a very straight adaptation of the long-elusive-to-filmmakers Bond debut novel by Ian Fleming, a tightly plotted and diabolically emotionally knotty piece of espionage storytelling, was a terrific idea. Casting Eva Green as Vesper Lynd, possibly the Only Woman Bond Could Ever Really Love, magnificent. And Jeffrey Wright as C.I.A. pally Felix Leiter? Brilliant.
October 01, 2012
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