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Demónios da Liberdade

निर्देशक João Paulo Ferreira
पोर्तुगल, 1976
नाटक, छोटी फिल्में


At the heart of an upper-middle class family resides a bizarre love triangle. Two men, one woman. An essay on the various possibilities and rituals of recent freedom, Os Demónios da Liberdade is also a manifest of sexual freedom. But the demons are still around.

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Demónios da Liberdade निर्देशक João Paulo Ferreira

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  • josé neves's rating of the film Demónios da Liberdade

    In the post-revolution Portuguese cinema, this filmmaker (collaborating with Óscar Alves, via Cineground), was a special case, both in artistic and discursive terms. More politicized and interventionist than his friend and collaborator, he rehearsed in this little film a possibility to integrate an utopia of wishes with an equivalent film formulation, being still, in our formatted times, an example of modernity.

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