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Division Movement to Vungtau

निर्देशक Benjamin Crotty, Bertrand Dezoteux
फ्रांस, 2017
एवोन-गार्ड, छोटी फिल्में


In Benjamin Crotty and Bertand Dezoteux’s vignette-structured Division Movement to Vungtau, amateur film fragments shot by American soldiers in Vietnam are populated by tropical anthropomorphic fruit, offering a “reverse shot” of military abuses and excess.

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Division Movement to Vungtau निर्देशक Benjamin Crotty, Bertrand Dezoteux

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In four minutes, the pair throw stink bombs into not only the boomer nostalgia that marks Vietnam as more than just another catastrophe in our idiot nation’s storied history of them, but also the micro and macro of the pathos-sodden tradition of the diary film and the ever expanding importance of the visual to America’s ongoing imperial follies.
October 05, 2017
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
It provided sick laughs in a program not overloaded with humor, a series of iris effects on archival footage of US troops in Vietnam, to which has been added a cast of anthropomorphic CGI fruit capering on the fringes of the image.
September 21, 2017
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
To my eyes, Division Movement to Vungtau doesn’t seem to have anything specific to say regarding American or French intervention in Indochina, and I feel a bit like a fool for even looking for such content. It’s the combination of Platoon and Bananas in Pajamas we never knew we wanted, and I feel like I’m being trolled.
September 07, 2017
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