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निर्देशक Małgorzata Szumowska
फ्रांस, पोलेण्ड, 2011


Anne, a mother of two and an investigative journalist for Elle magazine, is writing an article about university student prostitution. Her meetings with two fiercely independent young women are profound and unsettling, moving her to question her most intimate convictions about money, family and sex.

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Elles निर्देशक Małgorzata Szumowska

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  • Ana Paula's rating of the film Elles

    Brillant, pure et réelle.

  • Kevin's rating of the film Elles

    The obvious problem viewers have with this film is its subject matter. The problems presented are real, the solution is as uncertain in life as it is in the film, and the film shows the opposite of pornography, because it shows the subject instead of the act. As an aside, which one of us wouldn't want to get our children off at least one video game.

  • pivic's rating of the film Elles

    Elegantly and intelligently edited, directed and acted film where Binoche plays a grown-up woman with intense personal problems who interviews young women who prostitute themselves, all for a magazine article. Some of the classical music was very in-your-face but the scene where The Knife's "Pass It On" was played, I liked. All in all it paints a portrait on some complexities of life that I haven't seen before.

  • Pawelito's rating of the film Elles

    Surprisingly entertaining despite the heavy subject matter. Although, seemingly, yet another vehicle for Juliette Binoche this film has much more to offer than the trailer would give away. Szumowska brings out something universal through the cross-examination of woman's choices and how these are related to or dependent on man's world. Also, an interesting study of an unhealthy fixation on other people's erotic lives.

  • MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Elles

    Viewer beware: cliche' ridden. Almost unbearable. The only highlight is the dancing scene - The Kinife's Heartbeats is always a good soundtrack. Weak anthropological visual essay about the ennui of the French upper class. Ah, fatigue... Fatigue universelle. Try Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (2012) instead. Equelly vacuous, but at least features strong, sexually empowered women rather than victims.

  • PolarisDiB's rating of the film Elles

    You won't get more out of this than is previously available in such films as Belle du Jour and Maitresse, but there are two scenes where characters sing along to music that stand out and almost feel like parts of other, more interesting movies. --PolarisDiB

  • Héctor Olguín's rating of the film Elles

    Una narración plana, mal estructurada, que a ratos sube de nivel para volver a caer. Si bien la intención de la historia y el perfil de los personajes están bien definidos, estos no terminan por convencer y pueden llegar a parecer cuadrados, simples caricaturas. La música aquí es engañosa. Termina siendo una película con una visión poco profunda del tema. Pese a todo esto, la actuación de Binoche es magistral.

  • dave gunn's rating of the film Elles

    Despite a great performance from Juliette Binoche, this film just lacked a certain something to make it greater than what it was. I understood her romanticism of these young girls' lives and her discontentment with her upper-class monotony, and I'm pleased with how sex workers and their patrons were portrayed, but this just wasn't all that special. Just an epilogue would have maybe helped.

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