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  1. lucadisena's rating of the film Her

    No fundo esse cara é um escroto. Mas eu sinto pena dele.

  2. cihangir21's rating of the film Her

    In generall I dont like Sci-Fi films ..but this so good. I saw a different love. I saw loves of future.

  3. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Her

    I sat on the cub and cried afterwards.

  4. plankton's rating of the film Her

  5. eariadne's rating of the film Her

    Rewatched this with my mom! I love the way this movie envisions the future and the nuanced unjudgemental way it looks at relationships... but I never enjoy joaquin phoenix much in anything because he really creeps me out and so did the manic pixie dream computer aspects of the story

  6. bmelis's rating of the film Her

  7. Pippa Haslam's rating of the film Her

    my favourite film ever. the cinematog, acting, story.....everything was amazing :')

  8. Michael A's rating of the film Her

    The idea of an invisible woman that out of the formlessness of herself talks and respond as one listens and asks questions is creep.

  9. anotherbennet's rating of the film Her

    Right in the feels....thank you.

  10.'s rating of the film Her

    Wie ein kleines Wunder wirkt Spike Jonze neues Werk! Hier geht es um die ewige Liebe zu einer Seele, die nicht einmal sichtbar ist! So aufrichtig und unaffektiert wird das vorgespielt, dass es auf Anhieb entwaffnend ist... die ganze Review sowie die kuriosesten Liebesfilme gibts auf der Seite unserer Videothek

  11. quarian's rating of the film Her

  12. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Her

    If machine's became self aware then this is more of a realistic approach than Terminator. The feeling of having everything within our reach and yet still feeling confused on what we want and lonely are shown with the cinematography and excellent camera shots. The writing actually has these people having realistic conversations that we can relate to. And not forgetting the outstanding music score by Arcade Fire. ^_^

  13. Diogo CF's rating of the film Her

    Duas horas sonâmbulas. Tanto Phoenix como Johansson mereciam um melhor filme, um que pelo menos não fosse esta apatia bonitinha, estilizada até ao último dos detalhes.

  14. güneycan's rating of the film Her

    A simple but incredibly troubling thought experiment that takes us directly to the very essence of what(ever) constitutes love, as well as to the basement of our souls. What makes us so special and worth beloved? The director honours the idea without any fiddle-faddle but genuinely good acting and pictures.

  15. James Mackin's rating of the film Her

    A very sweet and romantic film about how you can find love in many places.

  16. OsmarOropeza's rating of the film Her

  17. Hannah Seitz's rating of the film Her

    3.5 this movie was very touching and I loved joaquin phoenix. but... is it just me or did the script seem like spike was trying real hard to get along without charlie kaufman as his screenwriter? spike ended up coming to his own though

  18. kris's rating of the film Her

    I think this original take on a love story works due to Joaquin Phoenix and his passionate role. I can imagine this might be marmite to the masses.

  19. Febrasaka Madindari's rating of the film Her

  20. Aaken's rating of the film Her

    Spike Jonze inspired again, painfully spot on with his tale of impossible love in a world where human communication is made more and more challenging as we have grown too dependent on robots and computers. Joaquin Phoenix is astounding, as usual, in a new variation of the beautiful loser. Beautiful also is the score by the Arctic Monkeys.

  21. Levent Güçer's rating of the film Her

  22. surgery-ethic's rating of the film Her

    "Sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I'm not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I've already felt."

  23. Lena Lopes's rating of the film Her

    How weird must have been for the people on the cinema to have the screen completly black, no lights on, just hearing two people having some kind of sex on the phone?

  24. Chris CS's rating of the film Her