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Illusion Travels by Streetcar

La ilusión viaja en tranvía

निर्देशक Luis Buñuel
मेक्सिको, 1954
हास्य-कॉमेडी, नाटक, साहसिक


When two transit workers learn that Streetcar 133 is about to be decommissioned, they decide to take it along its route one last time. But it ends up being an all-night and all-day scramble to stay out of trouble, as they are confronted with situation after sometimes bizarre situation.

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Illusion Travels by Streetcar निर्देशक Luis Buñuel

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Preston Sturges movie. And it certainly is one of the great surrealist’s most carefree works. Like many of Buñuel’s Mexican films, it was shot quickly and cheaply. Yet several critics have praised its mise-en-scene, particularly the way the characters interact within the crowded frame, which serves as proof of the director’s instinctual economy. When you’re working fast, every shot counts.
October 09, 2015
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