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L'enfant secret

निर्देशक Philippe Garrel
फ्रांस, 1979
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A hidden gem from Philippe Garrel’s haunting filmography, this pocket melodrama meditates on loss, filmmaking, and the obstacles of an unstable relationship. Borrowing biographical details from the French auteur’s own love story with the singer Nico, L’enfant secret is a work of intimate poetry.

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The rareness of L’Enfant Secret has heightened its reputation as a precious object, a movie so intimate that watching it makes you feel as though you’ve been let in on something private. Nakedly autobiographical, the film plays like a confession; moreover, Garrel elicits such sensitive performances from his actors that they too seem to be baring their souls.
May 25, 2018
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It may be the most haunted film ever made. One is struck by the sense of Garrel inventing cinema, by images that come from a time before Lumière; the characters are haunted by past lives and present possible worlds; the film is haunted by the autobiographical ‘reality’ of Garrel and Nico’s relationship. This autobiographical aspect lends the film as intense a quality as one can imagine. It’s as if John Ford had just lived through Ethan Edwards’ experience and sought to record it on celluloid.
September 18, 2001
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It is a singular event in Garrel’s oeuvre, a quietly devastating film of almost unbearable alternations between tenderness and the harshest truths, in which the artist’ realization of his ability to communicate with the world results in a windblown clarity, like clouds pushing through the sky after a storm.
May 01, 1997
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