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Night Without Distance

Noite Sem Distância

निर्देशक Lois Patiño
पोर्तुगल, स्पेन, 2015
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The Gerês Mountain separates Portugal from Galicia. It knows no borders, and rocks cross from one country to another with insolence. Smugglers also disobey this separation, waiting for the night to cross the distance that separates them.

Night Without Distance निर्देशक Lois Patiño
The otherworldly visuals clash with the hyper-clear audio track, an interference that mirrors the familiarity of the woodland shots vying with the insular, almost impenetrable dialogue shared amongst the characters. The digital manipulations of the image are striking, though overly precious, and at 23 minutes the piece’s formal games grow repetitive before the movie is over, but the video does remarkable things with the movements of dark yellow clouds and blood-tinged leaves on white trees.
January 27, 2017
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The negative image-reversal proffers almost literally an alternate world, morphing initially benign compositions (one can figure out what these would look like by using the “invert colors” function on their computer) into ambiguous visions with ominous bearings. The spectral implications of these images are made clear towards the end of Night without Distance, and with its conclusion, Patiño makes the most memorable outro of the selection, and perhaps the whole Projections sidebar.
June 09, 2016
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One of the best films I saw during this year’s NYFF cost nothing to access. Paired with Calum Walter’s (very strong) Terrestrial as part of a free program running on a loop for a day during the Projections weekend, Lois Patiño’s Night Without Distance is a hypnotic 21-minute experiment that immediately gets your attention for a very simple reason: all the images have been negative reversed, creating a whole new patina for what could otherwise be an overfamiliar landscape.
November 03, 2015
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