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17 रेटिंग्स


निर्देशक Stuart Burge
यूनाइटेड किंगडम, 1965
नाटक, रोमांस


Desdemona defies her father to marry the Moor of Venice, Othello. But Othello’s old lieutenant, Iago, doesn’t like Othello, and is determined to bring about the downfall of Othello’s new favorite, Cassio, and destroy Othello in the process, by casting aspersions on Othello’s new bride.

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Othello निर्देशक Stuart Burge

पुरस्कार और समारोह

Academy Awards

1966 | 4 nominations including: Best Actor in a Leading Role

San Sebastián International Film Festival

1966 | विजेता: Best Actor

BAFTA Awards

1967 | Nominee: Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles

Golden Globes (USA)

1966 | 4 nominations including: Best English-Language Foreign Film

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