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निर्देशक Babis Makridis
ग्रीस, पोलेण्ड, 2018


The story of a man who feels happy only when he is unhappy: addicted to sadness, with such need for pity, that he’s willing to do everything to evoke it from others. This is the life of a man in a world not cruel enough for him.

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Pity निर्देशक Babis Makridis

समीक्षक के रिव्यू

Makridis’s second feature film is not a sweeping work so much as one with a fixed target: Pity intimately navigates the state of the fragile male ego with merciless aplomb.
January 11, 2019
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
While given the actual context of the invocation of the pursuit of happiness through positive thinking as a lifestyle and life philosophy, Pitycould be read as a caustic antidote and subversive and witty foray to undermine the cult of optimism.
February 03, 2018
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