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Police, Adjective

Poliţist, adjectiv

निर्देशक Corneliu Porumboiu
रोमेनियान, 2009


Cristi is a policeman who refuses to arrest a young man who offers hashish to two of his school mates. Cristi believes that the law will change, he does not want the life of a young man to be a burden on his conscience. For his superior the word conscience has a different meaning…

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Police, Adjective निर्देशक Corneliu Porumboiu
An ingenious formal experiment masquerading as a naturalistic docudrama, a quietly hilarious deadpan comedy, and, of all things, a thought-provoking rumination on language, Police, Adjective marks yet another stunning success for the new generation of Romanian filmmakers.
September 25, 2009
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It was the least violent movie I’ve seen at Cannes, but nothing has been more disturbing than the movie’s final scene, in which the cop’s superior uses a dictionary and a blackboard to parse the meanings of “conscience” and “police.” Images may record reality; words define it.
May 18, 2009
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No one-hit wonder, Porumboiou confirms the promise of both the new Romanian cinema and his own status as a burgeoning world-class auteur.
May 17, 2009
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