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निर्देशक Christopher Nolan
यूनाइटेड किंगडम, 2015
डॉक्यूमेंट्री, छोटी फिल्में


Christopher Nolan’s new short film reveals the inner workings of the Brothers Quay’s studio.

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Quay निर्देशक Christopher Nolan

समीक्षक के रिव्यू

The films [by the Brothers Quay] are exceedingly well-made, and Nolan’s focus on the sometimes-backbreaking labor involved is more than welcome.
August 21, 2015
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
Nolan’s addition to this presentation is interesting inasmuch as it shows the brothers inside their workshop discussing their creative process. The space is, as you’d imagine, fascinating, each corner bursting with the kind of sinister ingenuity that would make a young Tim Burton green with envy.
August 18, 2015
पूरा लेख पढ़ें
With Quay, Nolan gives us a glimpse into their world: His delightful and mischievous little film swoops in on the brothers as they work in their studio, which looks like a long-abandoned — and haunted — toymaker’s studio, a repository of trays and drawers full of rusty metal parts, pots of paints and potions, and tufts of antique doll hair.
August 18, 2015
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