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The Dark

निर्देशक Justin P. Lange
ऑस्ट्रिया, 2018


A flesh-eating young girl haunts the woods where she was murdered, as a murderer herself. When she discovers an abused kid inside the trunk of a car, her decision to let the boy live throws her existence into upheaval.

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The Dark निर्देशक Justin P. Lange

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  • Palmat's rating of the film The Dark

    An interesting and unique premise that is sadly hampered by a director and scriptwriter who rely too much on visual storytelling instead of letting dialogue do the work. The movie deals with serious and weighty themes and it's a shame that so much is left unexplored and unsaid. All this makesthis movie a missed opportunity to use horror tropes to deal with some important real issues.

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film The Dark

    Junk. It starts with a near 20-minute buildup just to dispatch a barely-developed character. 5 minutes would have sufficed. The Dark never moves above murky in its look, hollow in emotion/characterization, repeating things when it should move on, and being filled with ineffective directing and mopey acting of its leads, with novice performances by extras. A film hasn’t given me a headache this bad in a year.

  • Jason's rating of the film The Dark

    THE DARK reduces both genre and the world itself to the barren and generic. Even the cars bear minimalist license plates denoting no specific geographical domain. This is a stripped-down fable w/ little adornment. It is a debut feature clearly intended as a means to getting a foot in the door. Spare on incident, the film still provides much to meditate upon. Some rich psychic soil. Eyes. To gaze and be gazed upon.

  • Morgan ✨ Alice's rating of the film The Dark

    I found “The Dark” 2b a perfect little work for debuting director Justin Lange.The plot was refreshing,original,&tortured.I feel the characters origins,plot,&script could have used just a bit more oomph,it doesnt @all condemn,or hold this film back.TheDark is not a gore fest,its not jump scares;its a dark,twisted fairytale,using horror/haunting themes 2show how 2abused teens confront themselves after suffering abuse.

  • jeanlice's rating of the film The Dark

    the film dies together with Markovics' character.

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