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  1. Laura G.'s rating of the film The Discovery

    It really is an interesting concept. And the scene of the ferry and the beach struck deep in my heart. How many of us would be willing to die just on the hope to see the ones we lost again? I would. I can't wait to see you R., L., J., T. and N.

  2. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Discovery

    **1/2. Interesting ideas but the last part is flawed. Looks like one of these sci-fi movies of the 70's with an open ending. Almost already forgotten.

  3. jooley's rating of the film The Discovery

    I put it on my list because of the promising premise, cast and look of the trailer then dropped it after reading reviews. Having now watched (thanks for enabling my time wasting, Netflix!), it's exactly as expected - the promise is there but it failed to deliver. Even the acting is off and the pace is dull. Sure, you can do your own thinking on the subject, but the film hardly facilitates that discussion.

  4. pluviosity's rating of the film The Discovery

    I hope it has better editing, scenes where character serenely walking and staring are not exactly a development, you know. Also, I wish it had less forbidding sound scores, it was so annoying, it's almost felt pretentious. Film was not great, but it's not that bad. Probably would be more interesting if it's a dystopia, focusing on Robert Redford character instead of the no-chemistry Jason Segel/Rooney Mara.

  5. Siniestro's rating of the film The Discovery

  6. thmslhr's rating of the film The Discovery

    SPOILERS: I had a hard time accepting the premise (among other things), that millions of people simply committed suicide because the afterlife was proven scientifically. Lots of people already believes the afterlife exists, and I have a hard time seeing that the proving or disproving of the afterlife would make those that believe kill themselves. The film is way too vague in this area. 2 stars for Mara.

  7. Sefer Taslı Sapık's rating of the film The Discovery

  8. Justin Crowe's rating of the film The Discovery

    started out very good, great concept.. then by the time the true "discovery" was revealed it just seemed anticlimactic. great visuals and music though

  9. Mr.Rager's rating of the film The Discovery

    This movie tackles an interesting story but unfortunately in the end the result is kinda bad. In my perspective, i'm not in agreement with the way that things are put,with the director's vision and for that reason i was not impresed or touched emotionally. Another problem is the lack of chemistry between Mara and Segel and in my opinion definitely one of those two actors should have been replaced. 5/10.

  10. Ryan Brennan's rating of the film The Discovery

    Tremendous idea - poorly realized execution and casting. Segel was not up to the task and Redford was much too large for his role. The biggest mistake was having the majority of the films plot serve the twist...the twist should always service the plot. Will remain excited for McDowells work ahead if he continues taking big swings. This should not keep people from watch or revisiting the brilliance of The One I Love.

  11. jeanlice's rating of the film The Discovery

    I'm flabbergasted about all the reactions this film generates. The Discovery is a fantastic little gem of a beautifully crazy mindfuck. I was astonished about its quality after peaking at some reviews. if somebody who has seen it could enlighten me about its flaws, I'd be thankful. and everyone else, go, and watch it!

  12. grotesc's rating of the film The Discovery

  13. Tasha saraswati's rating of the film The Discovery

    Interesting premise, but IMHO it is somehow lacking in execution

  14. Bea Vea's rating of the film The Discovery

    I love surprising/mind blowing endings, but the story spun its way into a black hole and used that kind of ending to dig itself out. I was very disappointed, considering that I loved McDowell's other film, 'The One I Love'.

  15. Daniel Garcia's rating of the film The Discovery

  16. Louis Robert's rating of the film The Discovery

    J'aurais donné 5 étoiles si l'histoire et le rythme du film n'était pas aussi bof. Le concept et les thèmes philosophiques viennent vraiment sauver le film lorsque qu'on s'y attarde. J'aime quand un film laisse sa trace dans mon tête et me fait réfléchir tandis le film est fini depuis longtemps.

  17. Oli's rating of the film The Discovery


  18. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film The Discovery

    I really wish people in the film didn't verbally refer to the event as "The Discovery." The film actually has a cool sci-fi concept that was wasted on some inhuman performances and a story line ultimately void of conflict. The last 5-10 minutes just came off as really goofy. I do give props to some of McDowell's directing choices--he succeeded in making the whole process of searching for the afterlife pretty creepy.

  19. vordven's rating of the film The Discovery

  20. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film The Discovery

    È il nuovo film prodotto da Netflix col piglio dell'indipendente ma con attori tutt'altro che sconosciuti. L'idea è interessante, ma già dall'inizio le cose non tornano: il punto centrale, i suicidi, sono poco credibili, non hanno un vero senso e a poco servono le migliaia di spiegoni. La Scoperta fa l'enorme errore di comunicare pochissimo attraverso le immagini ma di innaffiarti di chiacchiere.

  21. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film The Discovery

    Il tema trattato è iper-affascinante ed ha sviluppato una miriade di saggi e lavori a tema,ma questo di McDowell non verrà certo ricordato tra i migliori. La regia è troppo morbida,i personaggi non hanno uno spessore marcato(Redford per esempio non esiste proprio),e solo il carisma della Mara rende la vicenda un tantino accattivante. Il finale in loop è già visto ed abusato,ed il tutto sà troppo di insipido. Peccato.

  22. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film The Discovery

    Don't let me start at what potential they ruined. You had a blonde Rooney Mara and the afterlife, and you lost it all...

  23. Tigrão's rating of the film The Discovery

    Brilliant start, but unfortunately, like many high concepts films, it goes downhill from there.

  24. surgery-ethic's rating of the film The Discovery

    "Sometimes I feel like I'm taking someone else's spot and then I feel sad. Like, being here alive is a waste because i don't enjoy it, I'm not happy or grateful and I'm taking a spot away from someone who maybe would've gotten something more out of it."

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