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The Station Agent

निर्देशक Tom McCarthy
संयुक्त राज्य अमरीका, 2003
हास्य-कॉमेडी, नाटक


Finbar McBride wants to be left alone. But at four feet, five inches, blending in with the crowd is an almost impossible task. Born with dwarfism, Fin has responded to unsolicited attention by choosing a life of separation and spends his time alone with his one passion–trains.

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The Station Agent निर्देशक Tom McCarthy

पुरस्कार और समारोह

Sundance Film Festival

2003 | 3 wins including: Audience Award (Dramatic Competition)

Independent Spirit Awards

2004 | 3 wins including: Best First Screenplay

2004 | Nominee: Best Male Lead

San Sebastián International Film Festival

2003 | विजेता: Special Prize of the Jury

2003 | खास मेंशन: SIGNIS Award

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