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  1. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Wildlife

    Excellent performances, strong direction, well filmed ... but curiously unengaging.

  2. tommy cruise's rating of the film Wildlife

    big manchild jerry... but he's a nice guy. both shit parents, poor child. he's short at 15 small ass boy hope he gets bigger

  3. vordven's rating of the film Wildlife

  4. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Wildlife

    A grand debut; beautifully designed, directed and performed. Wildlife takes us behind the suburban veneer into the awkward world of dysfunctional adult relationships as seen from a child's perspective. More than anything, it's the story of a woman's desperate survival tactics in a time where woman had little autonomy and a Man's retreat, crumbling under the weight of living up to society's expectations. 4 stars

  5. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Wildlife

  6. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Wildlife

    i just realize something if i almost cant find three or group of shot with all of them in one frame. u can see it in the end of the film. when they tried to be normal like used to.

  7. Cavale's rating of the film Wildlife

    The acting was so soft and aching, the characters beautifully developed and portrayed. I loved this film's quiet pain as each character aims to navigate their inner and outer worlds. Halfway through the film however the story fell flat to me.

  8. João Ricardo's rating of the film Wildlife

  9. Roy Deckard's rating of the film Wildlife

    Paul Dano, a true artist, made a great debut film. But it portrays a woman in the early 60's not as a victim but as an immoral and horrible person. So it didn't get any attention. Thank you Paul Dano for putting art above political correctness!

  10. heddabsz's rating of the film Wildlife

  11. mauro's rating of the film Wildlife

    ** 1/2 paul dano's debut is far from perfect but at times burns, with its undetonated melò. and carey mulligan is simply sublime in one of the best role in her career.

  12. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Wildlife

    This closely observed family portrait, a study of loss and trauma, comes in tones of pervasive sadness. Advancing quietly but in an assured way, Wildlife is heartbreaking.

  13. Vlad Ţînţaş's rating of the film Wildlife

  14. OLIVER-J's rating of the film Wildlife

    3.75ish - very impressive directorial debut from Paul Dano. a quiet, melancholic film that is frequently beautiful to look at thanks to the period setting and Diego Garcia's collaborative work behind the camera with Dano. Mulligan, Gyllenhaal and Oxenbould all deliver effective performances as a family trying to figure out individually how to keep themselves together.

  15. ig_____or's rating of the film Wildlife

    The greatest fire here was Jake Gyllenhaal in a fitting white shirt and Carey Mulligan watery eyes and sassy attitude as an abandoned wife. I liked how the parents treated their 14-year-old son as an adult - that's the aspect that really makes this a period piece: nothing was sugar-coated for the boy. Paul Dano makes a beautiful debut in the directing chair with this portrait of a burning family.

  16. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Wildlife

    A soft but satisfying directorial debut from Paul Dano. It was harder to deal with Ed Oxenbould's obnoxious blank expression than Carey Mulligan kissing Miller.

  17. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Wildlife

    It is for sure a convincing film debut for Paul Dano and his wife Zoe Kazan (script). Before even the classicism that installs slowly Dano, what catches the eye immediately is the beautiful cinematography from Diego Garcia (Reygadas, Weerasethakul) and the landscapes of Montana. Oxenbould was also a nice surprise. For the rest, everybody is very professional but i find the modesty of it all a bit underwhelming.

  18. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Wildlife

    Shades of Bergman in its mannered cinematic approach, familial focus, and gut-wrenching intimacy. The ending feels both too neat and drawn out. And there are moments when Dano shows too much, while the faces of his marvelous actors tell us all we need to know. And yet, few domestic dramas in recent memory have hypnotised and terrified me like this one. Programme with Hereditary for a family-friendly double bill.

  19. Vladimir Gordanic's rating of the film Wildlife

  20. Zac Weber's rating of the film Wildlife

    The actors carry the same sad-eyed weariness we encounter with Paul Dano in many of his roles. Superb performances by the entire cast. Dano and Kazan capture that strange shift into adulthood when we began to realize the complexities of relationships. I thought the film's visual style was lovely.

  21. Dan's rating of the film Wildlife

    3.5* - Possibly too quiet and classy for my tastes. Mulligan/ Gyllenhaal are great but Oxenbould is the true MVP in this - he's not cute enough to be immediately endearing but he works toward breaking your heart. Maybe Revolutionary Road set the bar for the modern melodrama too damn high but I couldn't stop thinking about it as Mulligan kept quietly screaming into her dinner.

  22. smndvdcl's rating of the film Wildlife

    Echoes with Revolutionary Road but with a grace and nuance that speaks volumes with the clear collaboration between indie super-couple Paul Dano & Zoe Kazan.

  23. Trunfos's rating of the film Wildlife

  24. alfredodimalo's rating of the film Wildlife

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