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Cannes Takeover
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Amores perros

निर्देशक Alejandro González Iñárritu
मेक्सिको, 2000
नाटक, थ्रिलर
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  • अंग्रेज़ी
Cannes Takeover


A fatalistic car crash in Mexico city sets off a chain of events in the lives of three persons: a supermodel, a young man wanting to run off with his sister-in-law, and a homeless man. Their lives are catapulted into unforeseen situations instigated by the seemingly inconsequential destiny of a dog.

हमारा अभिप्राय

Academy Award winner Alejandro González Iñárritu’s humanist vision was already fully accomplished with his groundbreaking first feature, which also made Gael García Bernal a star. Amores Perros, with its kinetic, mosaic sense of storytelling, is a landmark film from contemporary Mexican cinema.

Amores perros निर्देशक Alejandro González Iñárritu अभी देखें
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If you haven’t fled the theater 20 minutes into the new Mexican film Amores Perros, you’ll be hooked until the end. It pulses with energy and wild style.
April 11, 2001
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A feverish, breathtaking tour through Mexico City high and low, an explosive, mosaic-style portrait of our continent’s largest city.
March 31, 2001
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Many of the narrative details feel like loving gestures from a storyteller proud of the weight of folklore and of his story. The violence is fast and shocking: a shooting in a restaurant ends with blood dribbling onto a hot griddle, an image that could be a metaphor for the overheated emotions of the film.
March 30, 2001
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