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What Is an Auteur?
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Les salauds

निर्देशक Claire Denis
फ्रांस, जर्मनी, 2013
नाटक, क्राइम
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What Is an Auteur?


Following her husband’s suicide and the fall of their family business, Sandra calls her brother Marco and asks him to come back to Paris to exact revenge on the man responsible. Marco moves into the building where Laporte’s mistress lives with his son, but things don’t end up the way they should.

हमारा अभिप्राय

After the wide canvas of her Africa-set White Material, the great Claire Denis turned her sensuous storytelling to the black heart of contemporary film noir. Her fascinating, sinister thriller stars Vincent Lindon, Chiara Mastroianni, and two Denis regulars: Alex Descas and Grégoire Colin.

Bastards निर्देशक Claire Denis अभी देखें
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Bastards is indeed a hard film to love. It’s wicked, painful, and soul-sick. It’s also the best new release I saw in 2013… More than anything else it’s that moral distinction between despair and sorrow that makes this a Lynchian film. Darkness, nihilism, anxiety — these are relatively easy conditions to reproduce on screen. Lynch has an innate and uncanny talent for expressing the transcendent loss that inevitably accompanies violence and human tragedy. That is what Denis taps into here.
March 08, 2014
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Though less formally opaque than Denis’ 2004 feature, The Intruder, its terseness and sustained forward momentum will surely create questions in the minds of even the most seasoned filmgoer. While everything in this half-noir, half-Greek tragedy will be explained, Bastards is a film that begs for — and is worthy of — multiple viewings.
February 13, 2014
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This puzzle of a movie… evolves into an ugly realization, an impossibility of catharsis. We drown together with the fate of the lead, and the finale (wonderfully shot in digital) overwhelms us with the realization of what we have just seen. Les Salauds is a difficult film, but an ultimately satisfying experience that puts Denis far beyond her contemporaries, a unique view still standing strong.
January 15, 2014
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