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निर्देशक Isabella Eklöf
डेन्मार्क, नेधरलैंड्स, 2018
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एक सुंदर युवा डैनिश लड़की, उसका स्वत्वात्मक प्रेमी, और नौका का मुक्त-उत्साही मालिक डच यात्री जिसके साथ वह लड़की इश्कबाज़ी करती है उनके बीच का एक खतरनाक, हिंसक प्रेम त्रिकोण, एक तुर्की रिवेरा वेकेशन पर प्रकट होता है।

हमारा अभिप्राय

Be warned: this is no placid summer’s tale! Isabella Eklöf’s sun-drenched debut is as intoxicating as it is brutal. An unflinching study of female oppression whose perspective on abuse has stirred up controversy, Holiday is daring filmmaking that exudes confidence while asking crucial questions.

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समीक्षक के रिव्यू

It’s a cool, hard trip, icy in the fullest glare of the afternoon sun.
January 30, 2018
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No matter the extreme disgust at the center of this scene and the devastating circumstances surrounding it, Danish writer-director Isabella Eklof’s debut never feels like an empty provocation.
January 26, 2018
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लोग क्या कह रहे हैं? 

  • Alice's rating of the film Holiday

    Powerful, bitter. Amazing photography: really wonderful shots! I loved the minimalist soundtrack, a remake of "Sinnerman" and actors are really good!

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Holiday

    A nasty little film, beautifully photographed. I have to call this Arthouse Porn, because a lot of effort went into the rape scene, and it's pretty much the defining scene of the film. People who don't want to see rape-porn shouldn't even watch this. There's also the issue of the whole film portraying the lead character as a woman with a weak or defective brain. If none of that bothers you, it's kind of a cool film.

  • MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Holiday

    Think Sexy Beast with a crazy candy-and-pastel palette. This time, it's the Swedes portraying the Danes as the epitome of Euro Trash. Limitless amount of stupidity on display. Holiday is an Ulrich Seidl movie shot by Martin Parr. Isabella Eklof is incredibly talented. I need a beer.

  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film Holiday

    Visually “Holiday” reminds me of Seidl films, with a touch of Breillat (unless it’s just the prosthetic penis). A distant, cold camera records the vacation of a Nordic gangster and his girlfriend Sascha in Turkey. It’s visually impressive, but the story is ugly. I never understood the motives behind Sascha’s actions, but that applies for real people as well, and perhaps for that reason I found the movie so rewarding.

  • OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Holiday

    This bright technicolour rainbow dazzles with superb photograhy and is production designed in a way that contrasts to great effect against the dark satirical subject matter. An unabashed take on unchecked masculinity within a drug trafficking group that plays out like a dysfunctional violent family. 3.5 stars

  • Palmat's rating of the film Holiday

    Despite sunny locations this movie is ice cold. Eklöf is clearly invoking the austerity of Haneke and Seidl which is not a bad thing. The acting is great all around. The movie's glacial pace might be off putting to some and the end might read as unresolved since there is no escape from the sundrenched hell for Sascha. But Eklöf is wise to not give into tropes of happy endings. Good but a hard watch.

  • Alex's rating of the film Holiday

    So realisitc in every way, as most of the girls will always go with the Alpha Male no matter how violent/cruel he is, rather than the nice guy.

  • Vipin's rating of the film Holiday

    How does a rich man who has nothing going for him other then money ( no looks, no charm, no humour, no intelligence, extremy boring friends) maintain a very good looking young girl friend who if she so desires can have any man she wants. This movie is a tutorial on that subject, the drug lord boyfriend is aware of what he is dealing with and how he has to control her and he does exactly that.

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