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Imbued life

Udahnut život

निर्देशक Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
क्रोएशिया, 2019
छोटी फिल्में, एनीमेशन
  • क्रोएशियाई
  • अंग्रेज़ी, तुर्किश
ओबरहाउज़ेन में प्रतिस्पर्धा


प्रकृति की जीवन शक्ति के साथ एक युवा महिला का संबंध। वह जानवरों को उनके प्राकृतिक आवास में “वापस” करने के लिए उसकी चर्म प्रसाधन प्रतिभा का उपयोग करती है, लेकिन जवाब की सच्ची खोज तब शुरू होती है, जब उसके इलाज़ किए गई हर एक जानवर के जीवन के प्रत्येक हिस्से में वह अविकसित फिल्म के रोल पाती है।

हमारा अभिप्राय

इंटरनेशनल लघु फिल्म फेस्टिवल ओबरहाउज़ेन से हमारा अगला आकर्षण इस भव्य क्रोएशियाई एनीमेशन है। चर्म प्रसाधन, स्मृति संरक्षण, और सेल्युलाइड के जादू को एक साथ चतुराई के साथ बुना गया, यह एक टूर-डे-फोर्स की चरमावस्था के साथ मृदु, असली और मधुर उत्कंठित स्टॉप-मोशन एनीमेशन फ़िल्म है।

Imbued life निर्देशक Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson अभी देखें
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लोग क्या कह रहे हैं? 

  • jmai's rating of the film Imbued life

    Brief essay: Dreams, presumably, come from our primitive, animal side, what our minds are doing without thinking. Wouldn't it be nice to preserve (as memorial) the dreams of animals along with their bodies, after death? But animals and dreams are meant to move (like stop brings to remarkably realistic life inert matter in this film). A photograph kills them. Better to settle into a dream reality.

  • tarahomasi's rating of the film Imbued life

    I woke up feeling as if a municipal machine had run on my body. Silence. I reached out to my screen. Voice and imagery help me to redefine my dimension after a long absence from reality. I was dreaming all night. Dreams I have no memory of but can feel them in my head, heart and body. I am certain there were happening. I’m alone in bed. Silently craving for more dreams. Like stuffed animals on a boat...

  • Ferhat Bakan's rating of the film Imbued life

    Farklı ve güzel Oberhausen Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali’nden sıradaki dikkat çekici filmimiz göz alıcı Meksika yapımı bir animasyon. Hayvan doldurma sanatı, belleği koruma ve selüloidin büyüsünü birlikte zekice ören film zoru başaran zirvesiyle yumuşak bir gerçeküstücülük ve hüzünlü bir stop-motion animasyon.

  • Juan's rating of the film Imbued life

    Extraño corto que muestra el retroceso de la humanidad hasta un punto en que la tristeza se vuelve oscuramente depresiva. La protagonista es la personificación de una sensible alma moderna comprometida en sus vanos esfuerzos por revertir la destrucción de las otras especies.

  • Slappy McGee's rating of the film Imbued life

    It's like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Stephen King all got together and had a love child. What oozed forth was this beautifully disturbing and unique animated film about a lady with some pro'lems. Loved it.

  • Baylee Bell's rating of the film Imbued life

    This entire film can simply be described as unsettling. It is very abstract, however I cannot seem to see a true purpose of metaphor. Is it about death? Is it about memory? Is it about being one with nature? I cannot tell because I feel like so many things are happening at once and they never reach a full conclusion or point. The animation, however does fit the vibe of the film and its unsettling nature.

  • Rashad Buchanan's rating of the film Imbued life

    I have never been so eerily creeped out but entertained throughout any short film. The animation is amazing quality, and the background music adds to that scary and eeriness. Am going to have to show this animation to my friends and family!

  • Finn Simons's rating of the film Imbued life

    The motifs in this lovely animation leave me with a lot of questions. I feel this short film demands several views to find all the little details and the care put into it to imbue it with its meaning. There was a lot of abstract images that brought it together into something more. I don't think I fully understand it, but I know it left me with a strong impression and a sense that nature and humans are connected.

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