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What Is an Auteur?
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La sapienza

निर्देशक Eugène Green
फ्रांस, इटली, 2014
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What Is an Auteur?


आर्किटेक्ट अलेक्जेंड्रे अपनी मनोविश्लेषक पत्नी एलॉनेर के साथ इटली जाते है, इस आश में की उनका रिश्ता ओर अच्छा हो और साथी ही वह आर्किटेक्ट बोरोमिनी के साथ अपनी ड्राफ्ट बुक पूरी कर सके | वहाँ वे एक भाई और बहन से मिलते है: जिसमे में से एक आर्किटेक्चर का पढ़ने जा रहा है और एक स्नायु के विकार से पीड़ित है|

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Next subject in our What Is an Auteur? series is French-by-way-of-America director Eugène Green, whose movies are spare—he counts Bresson as an influence—yet refreshingly funny, forthright, and touching. With its stunning architecture tour, this wistful delight intertwines art into its drama.

La sapienza निर्देशक Eugène Green अभी देखें
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La Sapienza" strikes this reviewer as easily the most astonishing and important movie to emerge from France in quite some time. While its style deserves to be called stunningly original and rapturously beautiful, the film is boldest in its artistic and philosophical implications, which pointedly go against many dominant trends of the last half-century.
March 20, 2015
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Green conjures vast ideas from this intimate story, filming architectural wonders with analytical ardor and revealing the architects’ discovery of the importance of light in design. Green’s richly textured, painterly images fuse with the story to evoke the essence of humane urbanity and the relationships that it fosters, whether educational, familial, or erotic.
March 16, 2015
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Green’s mise en scène makes the spaces feel alive, both with the history they’ve witnessed and as embodiments of the artist whose aesthetic decisions they harmoniously relay.
November 03, 2014
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