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Last Night

निर्देशक Don McKellar
कनाडा, फ्रांस, 1998
हास्य-कॉमेडी, नाटक, विज्ञान-कथा
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A group of very different individuals with varying ideas of how to face the end come together as the apocalypse is expected to hit in six hours at the turn of the century.

हमारा अभिप्राय

Starring a host of Canadian cinema luminaries, from Sandra Oh to David Cronenberg, actor-turned-director Don McKellar made a Y2K infused cult classic of the apocalypse genre with Last Night. Delightfully conversational, mysterious, and bittersweet, this is one of the hidden gems of the 1990s.

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पुरस्कार और समारोह

Cannes Film Festival

1998 | विजेता: Award of the Youth (Foreign Film)

Toronto International Film Festival

1998 | विजेता: Best Canadian First Feature Film

Mar del Plata International Film Festival

1998 | विजेता: OCIC Award

समीक्षक के रिव्यू

A shockingly eloquent, nearly moving feat of Y2K-trendiness, so immaculate even in its rioting scenes that it seems like the streets have been scoured with a toothbrush.
November 19, 1999
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