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San Francisco International Film Festival

  1. I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone

  2. Following


  3. The Opposite of Sex

    The Opposite of Sex

  4. Jeanne and the Perfect Guy

    Jeanne and the Perfect Guy

  5. Moment of Impact
    Film & Video - First Person Documentary (Certificate of Merit)

    Moment of Impact

  6. Frat House
  7. Funny Games

    Funny Games

  8. Gummo


  9. Cure


  10. Ossos


  11. The Life of Jésus

    The Life of Jésus

  12. Pony Glass

    Pony Glass

  13. Pensão Globo
    Certificate of Merit (New Visions: Film)

    Pensão Globo

  14. Buud Yam

    Buud Yam

  15. Junk Mail

    Junk Mail

  16. Twenty Four Seven

    Twenty Four Seven

  17. The Saltmen of Tibet
    Film & Video - Sociology-International

    The Saltmen of Tibet

  18. Conceiving Ada

    Conceiving Ada

  19. Egypt


  20. Immer Zu

    Immer Zu

  21. Paulina


  22. Speak Easy

    Speak Easy

  23. The Spirits of 1000 Hills
    Silver Spire Award

    The Spirits of 1000 Hills

  24. Graveyard of Dreams

    Graveyard of Dreams

  25. Calendar the Siamese

    Calendar the Siamese

  26. Television - Drama-Television Feature (Golden Spire)


  27. Retrospectroscope


  28. Redux Riding Hood
    Television - Animation (Silver Spire)

    Redux Riding Hood

  29. In My Father's House
    Film & Video - First Person Documentary

    In My Father's House

  30. Miss Evers' Boys
    Television - Drama-Television Feature (Silver Spire)

    Miss Evers' Boys

  31. Life According to Muriel

    Life According to Muriel

  32. Western


  33. The Desert Ark

    The Desert Ark

  34. A Friend of the Deceased

    A Friend of the Deceased

  35. A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale

  36. Somersault in a Coffin
    SKYY Prize

    Somersault in a Coffin

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