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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. Possession
    Critics Award


  2. Mephisto


  3. Blood Wedding

    Blood Wedding

  4. Montenegro
  5. Man of Iron

    Man of Iron

  6. O Homem do Pau-Brasil

    O Homem do Pau-Brasil

  7. The Skin

    The Skin

  8. The Uppercrust

    The Uppercrust

  9. Jânio at 24 Frames

    Jânio at 24 Frames

  10. In Defense of People

    In Defense of People

  11. A Estória de Clara Crocodilo

    A Estória de Clara Crocodilo

  12. Bongo Man

    Bongo Man

  13. A Thousand Little Kisses

    A Thousand Little Kisses

  14. The Paolozzi Story

  15. Manelão, o Caçador de Orelhas

    Manelão, o Caçador de Orelhas

  16. The Boat Is Full

    The Boat Is Full

  17. Heaven's Gate

    Heaven's Gate

  18. Every Man for Himself

    Every Man for Himself

  19. Germany Pale Mother

    Germany Pale Mother

  20. The Conductor

    The Conductor

  21. Petria's Wreath

    Petria's Wreath

  22. Fertile Memory

    Fertile Memory

  23. Berber Rhapsody

    Berber Rhapsody

  24. On Company Business

    On Company Business

  25. The Fridays of Eternity

    The Fridays of Eternity

  26. Bruxelles-transit


  27. Camera Buff

    Camera Buff

  28. Caligula


  29. Que Viva Mexico

    Que Viva Mexico

  30. Mary My Dearest

    Mary My Dearest

  31. I am Anna Magnani

    I am Anna Magnani

  32. Del mero corazón

    Del mero corazón

  33. In for Treatment

    In for Treatment

  34. Cha-Cha


  35. Always for Pleasure

    Always for Pleasure

  36. Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano

    Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano

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