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Seattle International Film Festival

  1. Delivered
    Peringkat ke-3: Best Actor


  2. Buffalo '66
    Best Actress

    Buffalo '66

  3. Gods and Monsters
    Best Director

    Gods and Monsters

  4. No Support
    Best Short Film

    No Support

  5. The Country of the Deaf
    New Director's Showcase Award

    The Country of the Deaf

  6. The Opposite of Sex
    Best Actress

    The Opposite of Sex

  7. God Said, "Ha!"
    Best Film

    God Said, "Ha!"

  8. Frank Lloyd Wright
    Best Documentary

    Frank Lloyd Wright

  9. When Trumpets Fade
    Peringkat ke-3: Best Actor

    When Trumpets Fade

  10. Southie
    American Independent Award


  11. Wilde
    Best Actor


  12. Under the Skin
    Honorable Mention: New Director's Showcase

    Under the Skin