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18 Rating

A Fuller Life

Disutradarai oleh Samantha Fuller
Amerika Serikat, 2013


Friends and admirers of iconoclastic film director Sam Fuller read from his memoirs in this unconventional documentary directed by Fuller’s only child, Samantha.

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A Fuller Life Disutradarai oleh Samantha Fuller
With A FULLER LIFE, Samantha Fuller, daughter of maverick filmmaker Samuel Fuller, has made an unconventional but entertaining documentary about her father. The first-time director daringly eschews traditional interview segments in favor of having a dozen motion-picture luminaries appear before her cameras only to read excerpts from her dad’s superb, posthumously published memoir.
January 16, 2015
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What is immediately striking is that even if one has long known Fuller’s biography, heard him talk about it in films or more personally, read A Third Face, it all becomes fresh and compelling all over again in A Fuller Life, and I can attest will remain so on repeat viewing. That means that this movie has something of its own to offer as an individual work and it’s good to try to understand what that is.
November 21, 2014
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It’s a proud film but average. There’s more passionate potential in what look like unproduced scripts shown on a shelf: “Stars and Swastika,” and "Burning Sappho.
August 05, 2014
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