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A Star Is Born

Disutradarai oleh George Cukor
Amerika Serikat, 1954
Musikal, Drama


James Mason is an actor on the wane who takes a young ingenue under his wing to cultivate her raw talent into Hollywood super stardom. As she rises, Mason becomes increasingly despondent, resulting in a dramatic conclusion.

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A Star Is Born Disutradarai oleh George Cukor
One of the remarkable things about it is how assuredly Cukor uses the [CinemaScope] format—it feels as though he had been directing with it for years. (Not only was it the first movie he made in widescreen; it was also his first musical and his first feature in color.) Cukor gets plenty of mileage out of the inherent spectacle of ’Scope, particularly during the musical numbers and the scenes involving lots of extras.
October 14, 2016
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Not only does it drill deep into private wounds, it all but flaunts the fact that those wounds have one very famous owner. Under the weight of all her public struggles—her notorious unreliability on set, an acrimonious departure from MGM, two suicide attempts—Judy Garland on screen in 1954, at the age of thirty-one, would have transformed any standard-issue showbiz musical into a vessel for autobiography, recasting the role of singer-actor-superstar as confessor
December 01, 2015
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Cukor brings his great singer to life dramatically, granting her an extraordinary range—open yet guided—of expressive freedom, and he films her with an eye that is at the same time compassionate and unsparing, that respects the agony it faces head-on.
August 10, 2012
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