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Amores perros
Iñárritu’s first feature, Amores Perros, has been understandably compared to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, but González Iñárritu seems to owe more to the kitchen-sink realism of Kiewslowski’s Decalogue.
May 02, 2001
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This is hard core, and it ain’t pretty. His movie doesn’t have to be falsely gorgeous, though 2 1/2 hours after it begins, it finds the human beauty that spills out of the knife wounds.
April 13, 2001
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If you haven’t fled the theater 20 minutes into the new Mexican film Amores Perros, you’ll be hooked until the end. It pulses with energy and wild style.
April 11, 2001
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A feverish, breathtaking tour through Mexico City high and low, an explosive, mosaic-style portrait of our continent’s largest city.
March 31, 2001
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Many of the narrative details feel like loving gestures from a storyteller proud of the weight of folklore and of his story. The violence is fast and shocking: a shooting in a restaurant ends with blood dribbling onto a hot griddle, an image that could be a metaphor for the overheated emotions of the film.
March 30, 2001
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Brilliantly directed, written, photographed and acted, this is first-rate filmmaking, horrific and tender, raw and lyrical.
January 01, 2001
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Iñárritu’s audacious debut thrives on primal emotions, and his ability to make those emotions register so forcefully is a tribute to his formidable talent.
May 14, 2000
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