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2.626 Rating

Anna Karenina

Disutradarai oleh Joe Wright
Inggris, 2012


In Imperial Russia, Anna, the wife of the officer Karenin, goes to Moscow to visit her brother. On the way, she meets the charming cavalry officer Vronsky to whom she is immediately attracted. But in St. Petersburg’s high society, a relationship like this could destroy a woman’s reputation.

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Anna Karenina Disutradarai oleh Joe Wright

Penghargaan & Festival

Academy Awards

2013 | 3 nominasi: Best Achievement in Production Design

2013 | 1 Pemenang: Best Achievement in Costume Design

BAFTA Awards

2013 | 1 Pemenang: Best Costume Design

2013 | 5 nominasi: Best British Film

Golden Globes (USA)

2013 | 1 nominasi: Best Original Score - Motion Picture

Is this the definitive “Anna Karenina,” the best of the dozen or so adaptations going clear back to Garbo and the silent era? I don’t know about that, but it’s a furiously ambitious literary adaptation, the best of Wright and Knightley’s careers, that tries to make us feel the intense sexuality and terror and grief of a classic novel, and to force us to face its questions about love and marriage and agree that we still can’t answer them.
November 15, 2012
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[Jude Law’s] stillness is commanding, curtly conveying both Karenin’s fineness as a man and impossibility as a mate. Just as the characters created by Tolstoy the artist got the advantage of Tolstoy the polemicist—at least until the end of his life—so these confoundingly good performances gradually win the movie from Wright’s puerile conceit, giving us an Anna Karenina if not for the ages, than at least for an evening.
November 14, 2012
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I found this all wildly effective, though it isn’t hard to imagine someone put off by the blatant artificiality, which can be emotionally distancing… Still, while the craft goes a long way, it’s the emotions that resonate long after the curtain falls. Anna’s passion, fierceness and tragedy remain intact, affirming the novel’s timelessness. Here is what Doctor Zhivago strove for, at long last accomplished.
November 07, 2012
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