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476 Rating



Disutradarai oleh Ferdinando Cito Filomarino
Yunani, Italia, 2015
Drama, Biografi


Antonia Pozzi was born in 1912, the daughter of a Milanese lawyer, and began writing poetry at the age of sixteen. The film describes her family environment, her infatuation with one of her teachers at school, and her ties with young Milanese radicals during the fascist years.

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Antonia. Disutradarai oleh Ferdinando Cito Filomarino

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  • Thivai's rating of the film Antonia.

    Lush, vivid, sensual - an example of potent cinematic embodiment and a masterful realization of a poetic sensibility.

  • Michael Rozek's rating of the film Antonia.

    One of the best "fictional" films about how an artist--here, late Italian poet Pozzi--might have felt and been. Relying on time, space and visual beauty--in nature, clothing and objets d'art, and the stunning Caridi--it, accompanied by few words and choice excerpts of the poet's work, reflects Pozzi's gift and struggle. Filomarino and his DP Mukdeeprom are aware, original and truly eloquent. The film is as a dream.

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Antonia.

    A still series of biographical moments that add up to a sense of unity. This isn’t a unity of hard conclusions but one of tone: deftly implied and airily nuanced. No great acts of revelation or histrionics here, even in the tragic coda. Art direction, costume and performance from Caridi are superb, crisply marshalled by Filomarino, although it is all this that lingers on in the mind rather than Pozzi herself.

  • mark's rating of the film Antonia.

    Thoughtful, intelligent, beautifully filmed and well acted. I went on to look for some reviews and found some really negative, mealy-mouthed stuff without presenting any reasonable case or justification. Very strange. It is undoubtedly pensive and artful; so if you are not in the mood for that, wait until you are or just leave it.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Antonia.

    Behind the confromist social veneer, Antonia's fiery soul, sexuality and gifts are duly incarnated by an ethereally fragile Caridi. The understated performances, the smart move to rely less on the poems and more on the poetry of Antonia's life, the subtle editing brackets of the film reveal a talented director. There is academism as well as some not so successful moments but this is a film definitely worth watching.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Antonia.

    I appreciate the attempt to make a biopic about Pozzi. If anything, it may encourage people to read her poetry. The film itself is a bit cryptic and, at times, looks like an ad for expensive suiting & sweaters. The tone does try to suggest something of what Pozzi's interior life may have been like; it's rare to find movies that attempt to express the inner workings of female artists.

  • Lucas Jordan's rating of the film Antonia.

    This film didn't quite peak my interest at all. Although the film had good qualities on the surface there were just so many things that seemed off to me. Whether it be the over use of discret symbolism or it just suffers from just an overall conundrum of a plot. The pacing seem to be a little unusual so it was hard to follow the plot at times and made it hard to fully appreciate the film for what it was.

  • Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Antonia.

    Only a male director could portray a female artist on screen this way, flaunting her nudity under cover of some limp notion of artistic freedom. Things aren't helped by filmmaking that's stolid in its slavish obedience to art cinema conventions. About midway through I decided to get naked in solidarity with the eponymous protagonist, taking her queue to indulge in some faux-orgastic writhing on my sheets.

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