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49 Rating

Best Seller

Disutradarai oleh John Flynn
Amerika Serikat, 1987
Kriminal, Drama, Thriller


Dennis Meechum is a cop who can write — lurid crime novels, that is. But when his own wife succumbs to cancer, Meechum suffers a chronic case of writer’s block.

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Best Seller Disutradarai oleh John Flynn

Penghargaan & Festival

Independent Spirit Awards

1988 | 1 nominasi: Best Male Lead

Edgar Allan Poe Awards

1988 | 1 nominasi: Best Motion Picture



Ulasan Kritikus

Second viewing, first in >20 years, newfound appreciation – maybe because the young, lean and dangerous James Woods is easier to appreciate now, when we no longer take him for granted. The character isn’t soft-pedalled (it’s a shocking moment in the photo booth, when he cuts the throat of the traitorous cabbie) but Woods’ charisma is irresistible.
November 15, 2014
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While it may not add up to anything very profound, this paranoid thriller is put together with so much craft and economy that a significant part of its pleasure is seeing how tightly and cleanly every sequence is hammered into place. . . . This is first-class action storytelling stripped to its essentials: no shot is held any longer than is needed to make its narrative point, and the streamlining makes for a bumpless ride.
September 25, 1987
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