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89 Rating



Disutradarai oleh Manuel Martín Cuenca
Spanyol, Rumania, 2013
Romansa, Thriller


In the sleepy Spanish town of Granada, a mild-mannered tailor and secret cannibal unexpectedly finds himself falling in love with his latest prospective victim, in director Manuel Martín Cuenca’s disturbing yet intoxicating tale of bizarre romance.

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Cannibal Disutradarai oleh Manuel Martín Cuenca

Ulasan Kritikus

Locked between his urge for subsistence, and his wish for self-restraint, Carlos is in inner torment. In a film whose tonalities are subtle and somber, Cuenca can make us flinch at most seamless gestures. Even more remarkable is the filmmaker’s daring linking of Carlos’s cannibalism to the Catholic faith, for as Carlos sits through a mass, during which worshippers are invited to consume Christ’s flesh, and to drink his blood, possession as oneness with one’s beloved takes on a whole new meaning.
April 03, 2014
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This is pure banality-of-evil horror, served in a rigorous, straight-no-chaser manner that would make Michael Haneke beam. Director Manuel Martín Cuenca’s pitiless gaze goes unexpectedly deep; this is really a portrait of loneliness that cuts to the bone, one that also involves the consumption of a corpse or three.
February 19, 2014
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[The main character’s] cannibalism, as metaphor, is less easily comprehended. Whereas a ballsier filmmaker, like Carlos Reygadas, might have forced an audacious connection between Carlos’s appetite for flesh and any sex-negative feelings that may possess him, the roots of his appetite remain outside our reach, his cannibalism scanning only as a muddled metaphor for itself.
February 18, 2014
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