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Chronicle of a Chinese Woman

He Fengming

Disutradarai oleh Wang Bing
Cina, 2007


China, a snowbound town at dusk, a woman slowly walks across the city to reach her modest apartment. Fengming sits down comfortably and begins to remember. Her memories bring us back to the very beginning, in 1959, and go through her life and the successive political movements that swept China.

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Chronicle of a Chinese Woman Disutradarai oleh Wang Bing

Ulasan Kritikus

It is remarkable just how clear and certain she is in recounting her personal history. She tells us more than an outsider could even imagine knowing about the Anti-Rightist Movement and the Cultural Revolution in China. . . . Witnessing her testimony – and it is testimony – is extraordinary. Here Wang has not just made a film, he has amplified a voice that some factions of history would deny. This is important work.
April 10, 2018
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If the experience of hearing a person tell 30 years of her life over the course of three hours might seem unbearable for many, in Fengming it seems to be the only possible way. For in constructing virtually an entire film alternating between a wide and a medium shot of that speech, Wang Bing makes a political statement of uncompromising strength.
March 01, 2008
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