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Ulasan Kritikus
Close Relations
Vitaly Mansky Jerman, 2016
It’s a documentation of one family’s identity, but it ends up as such a complex web that one can only sadly agree with the skeptical attitudes portrayed in it – as long as identity is that personal and that robust, we will cling to our beliefs more than we do to facts. Setting out to portray the different attitudes to the war in the Ukraine, Mansky captures the very formation of national identity that feels relevant and profound.
June 22, 2017
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Mansky never downplays the stickiness of these subjects, which is why the issues he presents might seem impenetrable at times – or, for a nation wondering how long its own transition will last, analogous or acutely painful. Regardless of your political affiliation at home or abroad, it’s a remarkable document.
February 03, 2017
This broad geographical sweep of the film is everything. Of the numerous documentaries already made on the Ukraine crisis, most have focused their gaze on Kiev… Mansky by contrast is intent on showing the range of opinion that exists even within his own family… It is as complex as the number of minds in proximity to it, but reduced by community myths and media propaganda with its urge toward othering hatred.
December 14, 2016
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Mansky’s bold decision to speak with family members on opposite sides of the messy barricade, offer a welcome ambiguity on the subject at the expense of cementing any informative context. But despite overestimating our familiarity with Eastern European politics, the film’s personal lens pinpoints universal truths about what happens when we accept government policies at face value, and how far patriotism will take those with a war on their hands.
September 03, 2016
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Although the news shows proudly parade illusions of omniscience in a pornographic display of “current event” which they peddle as fact, they disguise only thinly their myth-making role. Yet, should the individual wish to experience the “Event” it is always beyond his perception—try as he might, Mansky can’t seem to get close to any incident of historical grandeur.
August 30, 2016
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For Mansky, whose North Korean-shot doc “Under The Sun” is currently in U.S. cinemas, this film is equally full of absurdities, albeit more personal and less strikingly visual than his previous work. Featuring his mother, a sibling, aunts, cousins, and other family connections, it is more humorously home-movie-like, and also more of a gab-fest.
July 27, 2016
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